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How does Trump dominate?    How did Pete Buttigieg catapult to the top tier of Democratic candidates for President?

My theory is that Trump is a master, THE master, at getting everyone, supporters and nonsupporters, to stop everything and listen to what he says.    He understands that the media will always cover him, and WE will always stop and listen to him, because no one knows what he is going to say, next.

He gets us to stop scrolling.   To stop flipping the channels...  To listen.

Mayor Pete is the opposite of Trump.    He is forcing us to stop scrolling and to stop flipping the channels as well.  Why?  Because he has something DIFFERENT to say. It is the same reason why we all stopped to listen to Obama in 2007 and 2008.    Obama had something to say that was DIFFERENT from all the other candidates.    He got all of us to stop scrolling and start to listen.

I'm predicting the Democratic candidate that wins the 2020 nomination will be the candidate that gets the most people to stop scrolling and listen and then share that message with their friends and family.

Right now that candidate is #MayorPete.   Can he sustain this interest?   Can he continue to get us to stop scrolling?

When it comes to your business or your organization, think long and hard about whether what you are doing will get people to stop scrolling and listen.

  • Are you producing remarkable content?  
  • Content that drives engagement? 
  • Content that gets people to like/comment and SHARE?    

Are you?


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